Some facts about Job Marketing Materials

  • Recruiters only give 5 seconds to a resume to decide whether to read further or discard it…?
  • Your online resume application reaches to a human only after passing ATS (APPLICATION TRACKING SYSTEM)
  • If your resume isn’t ATS-friendly, it will not get into the hands of the employer? (even if you’re the most qualified person for the job)
  • Using a boring, old-fashioned cover letter can actually hurt your chances of getting an interview? (yep, its true!)
  • Most qualified candidates are not visible to recruiters because most LinkedIn profiles aren’t structured properly

Job Marketing Materials Group Workshop - 60 minutes

What's covered in this live online workshop?

In this workshop I’ll guide you about to create job marketing materials that you are excited to send the potential employers:

  • How to design your resume compatible with Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • Will talk about the benefits of creating your video profile
  • Tips and tricks to optimize your LinkedIn Profile so that hiring professionals can find you easily
  • Crafting a compelling Cover Letter or introduction email that grabs the employer’s attention

Why attend this workshop?

As a result of attending this group workshop you will be able to create job marketing
materials that you are excited to send the potential employers. Additionally, you’ll get these awesome free resources after the workshop
1. Resume Template – That’s proven to get through automated systems (ATS) 
2. Cover Letter Template – That grabs the reader from the start and will get you more interviews
3. Job search Worksheets – For you to stay organized throughout the job search
4. Resume submission Checklist – Tick all boxes before sending out your CV 
5. Linked in profile checklist

This workshop includes 60-minute live group session that will help you to review and redesign your job search tools. I will guide you how to crafting the perfect job search materials to get you started for the modern-day job search.

I possess over 13 years’ of experience as HR & Recruitment Consultant